A hilarious and honest depiction of life as a 15-year-old, when virtual friends sometimes seem more important than real ones Meet Aimée Logan: social networking addict, compulsive list-maker, metabolically challenged cat-lover, and aspiring world leader. When Aimée is twinned with Caoimhe Cassidy in a Derry-Dublin school exchange scheme, she and the rest of her class begin the frenzied countdown to their counterparts' visit. Whilst Aimée and her best friends, intense mother figure Beks and dizzy, loved-up socialite Bree, are excited to meet Caoimhe Cassidy, the real anticipation is around Caoimhe's gorgeous older brother, Darren. Told with social realism, insight, and humor, this book introduces a sparkling cast of characters and gives the reader a the best of teenage diary fiction with a distinctly Irish flavor. Editorial Reviews Review "Felicity McCall has created a memorable protagonist. Written in the first person, Aimee's style is lively and exuberant, full of constant digressions, flights of fancy and teenage philosophy. . . . The narrative skittered along with zest and freshness." --Books Ireland

Large Mammals, Stick Insects and Other Social Misfits

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